Model: T 65 Y & T 60 Y

T65 Y & T60 Y

Portable 4G PTToC Radio

PTToC is a service that provides push to talk communications via celluar network or WIFI network. User can make call without coverage issue. iCallx provides end to end PTToC solution including portable radio, mobile radio, PTToC platform and dispatch system. Application Scene: Security, Logistics, Taxi, Retail, Hotel, Oil

Specification T65 Y & T60 Y


Frequency Band:


Operating Temperature:

Storage Temperature:

Dimensions (H.W.D):


Dustproof & Waterproof:

4G / 3G / 2G

3600mAh / 5200mAh (Optional)

-20°C +50°C

-40°C +75°C





USB cable & Power adapter

What is PPToC 4G?

PPToC 4G refers to the application of Push-to-Talk over Cellular technology over 4G networks. This technology harnesses the high-speed data transfer capability of 4G networks to provide a more robust, clear, and reliable walkie-talkie-like communication experience. 

Push-to-Talk over Cellular 4G enhances communication efficiency and allows for instant connection with individuals or groups, irrespective of their geographical distance. Furthermore, it paves the way for advanced features such as location tracking and dispatching, making it a valuable tool for businesses and emergency services.

About T65 Y & T60 Y

The T60 radio is a multifunctional communication device that revolutionizes the way we operate in different environments. Its wide coverage via the carrier network allows you to extend immediate communication service to any location with 2G/3G/4G network coverage. Moreover, it comes with built-in Wi-Fi, providing a reliable network connection without data charges. 

The T60 & T65 radio are not only multifunctional, supporting voice services (all call, group call, individual call), text message, tone alert, but also advanced signaling services such as kill radio, stun radio, revive radio and monitor radio. This advanced and versatile feature set distinguishes the T60 radio from other conventional radios on the market.

Benefits and features of T65 Y & T60 Y

The T60 radio offers a number of significant benefits that distinguish it from other communication devices on the market. These are just some of the most important: 


Wide coverage with carrier network

Extend your push to talk service to anywhere with carrier 2G/3G/4G network coverage

Build-in WIFI

Connection with WFI network to provide reliable communication with no data cost

Build-in Bluetooth

Easy to access Bluetooth speaker to improve the efficiency

GPS positioning

The build-in GPS supports outdoor positioning and dispatching.

Build-in NFC

The build-in NFC support electronic patrol


T 65 Y

LED Display: NO

T 60 Y

LED Display: YES

Software upgrade via OTA

Easy upgrade the new feature via web management platform

Multiple function

Support voice services (all call, group call, individual call), text message, tone alert

Advanced signaling service

Support radio kill, radio stun, radio revive and radio monitor

Real-time availability

Support real-time contacts status