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Real World Case Studies and Solutions

Real-world cases of companies around the globe that trusted our product and solutions. Including PTToC Radios, Gateway & Cloud-Based Services

iPTT.us Wireless
Communication Solution

Inefficient communication between teams out in the field and their equipment depot was placing a significant strain on the company’s workforce, resulting in unnecessarily high payroll costs.

SIGMA - Peru

The client decided their analog-based communications system needed replacement; its inability to keep up with their expanding coverage needs had caused it to deteriorate in service quality over time. 

4A Communications

The lack of two-way radio interoperability between the various tow truck companies that service the greater Philadelphia area presented communicational challenges that were hindering them from being able to coordinate timely responses.


911iNET was approached by a federal agency that intended to unify its communications systems nationwide. Our assessment of their existing implementation revealed that it had been in place for several years and was relying on antiquated hardware.

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