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iCallx is a global provider of communication solutions and services. We leverage our converged technology as well as our innovative IT SaaS platform over PoC (PTT over Cellular) to deliver reliable group communications across cellular, Wi-Fi, and broadband networks worldwide.

Case Studies & Solutions

4A Communications

The lack of two-way radio interoperability between the various tow truck companies that service the greater Philadelphia area presented communicational challenges.

SIGMA - Peru

The client decided their analog-based communications system needed replacement.

iPTT.us Wireless
Communication Solution

Inefficient communication between teams out in the field and their equipment depot was placing a significant strain on the company’s workforce.


911iNET was approached by a federal agency that intended to unify its communications systems nationwide.

Our Partners

One source for all the communications needs.


iCallX PoC solution is a radio communication system that operates on a combination of mobile networks (3G/4G) and Wi-Fi access points to provide wide-area connectivity and radio coverage. This approach allows the system to provide highly efficient and reliable critical communication along with dispatching capabilities used in enterprises, institutions, utility plants, transportation, logistics, hospitality, retail, industrial parks, factories, air/seaports, among various other industries.

Due to its wide coverage map and reliance on existing infrastructure, the system can be rapidly deployed in batches to meet the users’ specific needs. This scalability of implementation allows for improved emergency response speed and overall work efficiency.

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