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About Us - Who We Are

iCallx is a global provider of communication solutions and services. We leverage our converged technology as well as our innovative IT SaaS platform over PTToC (PTT over Cellular) to deliver reliable group communications across cellular, Wi-Fi, and broadband networks worldwide.

As a leader-of-industry, iCallx is continually re-establishing itself as a frontrunner in the rapidly expanding global market of PTToC (PTT over Cellular) technologies. Our web-based management interface, Network Management System (NMS), and databases reside on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers located in the USA.

Utilizing top-notch hosting, as well as robust, yet agile mobile network infrastructures, iCallx is able to offer customers unlimited, instant wide-area coverage communication solutions at a fixed monthly rate.

iCallx integrates iOS, Android, Linux and Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) products seamlessly. This allows us to offer solutions ranging from simple, easy-to-deploy systems to state-of-the-art wide area dispatch platforms. With advanced functionality that includes GPS Location and Text/Voice Dispatching, as well as safety features such as Emergency Alarm and Lone Worker, iCallx offers the advantages of traditional two-way radio systems with the convenience and connectivity you’ve come to expect in today's digital world.

PTToC Management Platform

Billing Management

Server Management

Customer Management

Two-type (enterprise and individual) users in multiple level.

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PTToC Management Platform

Group Management

Account Management

System Structure



3G / 4G Network
WiFi Hotspots


PTToC Management Platform

PTToC Management Platform
  • Five-level call interruption
  • Remote parameter configuration
  • Live activation configuration
  • Traffic statistics
  • Primary/Secondary server configuration
Group Management
  • Associated group
  • Superior-subordinate group
Account Management
  • Multiple accounts for one user
  • Account authorization management
Customer Management
  • Two-type (enterprise and individual) users in multiple level
  • Notification via E-mail and messages
Server Management
  • Automatic server switchover
    under failure
  • Hot standby server
  • Operation log management
Billing Management
  • KCoin issuance and recycle
  • Kcoin statistics report
  • Advance reminder of terminal expiry

System Structure

One Company - One Source - One Solution

Support Team

Our dedicated and knowledgeable engineers and sales team is just an email or phone call away.


iCallx strives to maintain its position of being a globally recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative products and will continue to offer services that provide intelligent boundary-less coverage solutions in the realm of wireless communications.


Building a Smart & Safer Future.


We treat all people with dignity and respect.

Integrity: Carry out all our work with the greatest responsibility and accountability.
Excellence: Deliver the highest-quality products and services in all endeavors.
Creativity: Instill our work with imagination and innovation.
Ethics: We strive to meet the highest ethical standards.
Learning: We challenge each other to strive for excellence and to continually learn.
Innovation: We embrace continuous improvement, bold creativity, and change.

Social Responsibility

We honor our heritage by being socially, financially, and environmentally responsible.

Sustainable development, environmental consciousness, and social responsibility into the way we do business.

We are locally committed and globally conscious.