Model: T 350


4G LTE PTToC Two Way Radio

Adopt 1.77 inch color screen, bring professional experience to customers, convenient and easy to use, can achieve a wide range of PTT services, to meet customers' ultra-long distance intercom needs.

T350 PTToC radio

T350 4G LTE PTToC Two Way Radio Specification




Screen resolution:

SIM slot:

Headphone interface:

Operating system:

Ingress Protection:


T 350

(H*W*D) 138mm*58mm*25mm Weight ≤200g (include battery, back clip, antenna) 1.77 inch colour screen

160*128 pixels

1*Nano SIM


Android 7.1




Battery capacity:

Replaceable battery:

Working voltage:

Working hours:

Standby duration:

Charging interface:






Mirco USB interface

Wireless Communications

North America∶

LTE FDD: B2/B4/B5/B7/B12/B13/B25/B26 WCDMA: B1/B2/B4/B5/B8 GSM∶ 850/1900MHz





Positioning services:


Bluetooth 4.0

Support (Optional)



USB cable & Power adapter

What is the T350 4G LTE?

The T350 4G LTE PTToC Two Way Radio is a state-of-the-art communication device, designed to offer unsurpassed connectivity. Through the 4G LTE network, this radio ensures smooth and reliable communication, even in the most challenging conditions. 

This radio supports Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PTToC), which facilitates instant communication at the touch of a button. It works simply: you only need a SIM card with 4G network access to stay connected anytime, anywhere. In addition, its Android operating system allows easy navigation and access to essential applications.

With a rugged, water-resistant design, the T350 can withstand the most challenging environments, making it the perfect companion for emergency services, security, construction, and more.

How T350 works? 

The T350 operates using a SIM card that provides seamless access to the 4G network. Once the SIM card is inserted, the device can make voice calls, send text messages, and transmit video in real-time over the 4G network, ensuring reliable communication.

In addition, its PTToC functionality enables instant communication with a simple touch of a button, making it perfect for urgent situations. The T350’s Android operating system allows for easy operation and access to various essential applications. Moreover, the T350’s ruggedness and water resistance make it ideal for use in challenging conditions, whether on construction sites or in emergency response scenarios.

4G LTE PTToC Technology

4G LTE PTToC (Push-to-Talk over Cellular) Radio technology is an advanced communication system that enables instant and efficient voice transmission over 4G LTE mobile networks. 

This technology is characterized by its high data rate and its ability to handle many simultaneous connections, making it ideal for real-time communications.


Multiple Voice Call Modes

Support single call / group call / full call / broadcast call modes to meet the call needs of different application scenarios.

Local Voice Recording, OneClick Playback

Support real-time save voice recording to local, storage capacity is 99, and support one-click playback or download voice recording through the dispatcher.

SMS Voice

Support to receive platform SMS, can directly voice broadcast SMS content.

Large-Capacity Batteries To Meet Long-Time Work Requirements

Adopt 3000mAh large capacity battery 5-5-90 call mode can last more than 15 hours


WiFi/ Bluetooth Function

Built-in Bluetooth, WiFi function module, can support the expansion of other external devices, such as Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth handheld.

Programmable Keys, Easier To Manipulate

There are three programmable keys designed to achieve different functions through software settings to meet more convenient control needs.

Smart Patrol

Support Bluetooth patrol, GPS patrol, NFC patrol function, through the Kirisun patrol system, can achieve the public network-based patrol solution, to meet the needs of patrol management in a specific environment.

Senior Services

Support and dispatch command platform, can achieve remote control and scheduling management functions, such as remote stun, remote disable, remote enable, electronic fence, track playback and other functions, increase management flexibility.