pttoc platform access

PTToC Platform Access - Dispatcher Console

The Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PTToC) platform from iCallX offers a comprehensive solution that leverages advanced technology to meet and exceed the communication needs of enterprises, institutions, utilities, transportation, logistics, hotels, malls, industrial parks, factories, and air/seaports.

  • Real-Time Communication: The cornerstone of iCallX's PTToC solution is its Dispatcher Console, a centralized and web-based interface designed to manage communications seamlessly. This tool provides robust, wide-area connectivity via 3G/4G mobile networks and Wi-Fi, ensuring instantaneous and reliable critical communication. The flexibility of accessing the console from any location with an internet connection makes it an indispensable asset for dynamic operations requiring swift and efficient communication management.
  • Rapid Deployment with No Infrastructure Requirements:One of the standout features of the iCallX PTToC solution is its ability to be rapidly deployed without the need for extensive infrastructure. This makes it particularly suitable for emergency responses where time is of the essence. The system can be quickly rolled out in batches to meet user demands, significantly enhancing response times and operational readiness.
  • Comprehensive Dispatch Features for Diverse Industries : The iCallX PTToC solution is tailored to meet the specific needs of various sectors. Its dispatch features are designed to streamline communication processes, making it a versatile tool for industries ranging from transportation and logistics to hospitality and industrial parks. Enterprises benefit from enhanced work efficiency, which translates into improved service delivery and productivity.
  • Enhanced User Experience with iCallX APP : Complementing the Dispatcher Console is the iCallX APP, a feature-rich application that enhances the typical two-way radio user experience. The app offers stability, safety, and a comprehensive commercial operation platform, providing customers with a range of enhanced PTToC services.

Network Management System

  • Five-level call interruption.
  • Remote parameter configuration.
  • Live activation configuration.
  • Traffic statistics.
  • Primary/Secondary server configuration.

iCallX APP

ICallX’s PTToC solutions enhance the typical two-way radio user experience with their ruggedly designed terminals' reliability, feature-richness, and stylish aesthetics.

iCallX provides a stable, safe, and comprehensive commercial operation platform to provide customers with several enhanced PTToC services.