Dispatcher Console

  • iCallx PTToC solution offers a dedicated dispatcher console that allows for efficient and effective communication management.
  • Instant Communication: The system utilizes wide area connectivity through (3G/4G) mobile networks and Wi-Fi, enabling instant and reliable critical communication.
  • Rapid Deployment: With no infrastructure requirements, iCallx PTToC solution can be quickly deployed in batches to meet user needs and enhance emergency response speed.
  • Dispatch Features: The solution includes dispatch features specifically designed for enterprises, institutions, utilities, transportation, logistics, hotels, malls, industrial parks, factories, air/sea ports, and various other industries.
  • Improved Work Efficiency: By providing high efficiency and reliable communication, iCallx PTToC solution enhances work efficiency for users across different sectors.

Network Management System

  • Five-level call interruption.
  • Remote parameter configuration.
  • Live activation configuration.
  • Traffic statistics.
  • Primary/Secondary server configuration.


ICallX’s PTToC solutions enhance the typical two-way radio user experience with their ruggedly designed terminals' reliability, feature-richness, and stylish aesthetics.

iCallX provides a stable, safe, and comprehensive commercial operation platform to provide customers with several enhanced PTToC services.