Model: ST-RoIP4


Radio Over IP Network Gateway

The ST-RoIP4 Series Standalone RoIP Gateway is the next generation radio over IP gateway. It is designed to interconnect PTToC platforms with any radio systems including conventional trunked analog FM, ETSI DMR, ETSI TETRA, APCO P25 FDMA, NXDN.


Specification Solidtronic


Power Supply:

Power Consumption:




Control Buttons:

Pre-installed Communication App:

Carrier Detect Activation Time:

Digital Interoperability Stabilizer:



AC Adapter:


600mA (Typical)

0/100 Base-T


4.3 inch Touch Screen LCD


iCallX APP

<0.2 Second

0.5 Second(OFF) or 2 Seconds(ON) selectable

160(W) x 100(D) x 40(H) mm

450 g

Input AC100-240V, Output DC5V 2A

What is a Radio Over IP Network Gateway?

A Radio Over IP (RoIP) Network Gateway is an advanced technological tool that bridges the gap between traditional two-way radio systems and modern IP networks. This gateway allows radio communications to be transmitted over the internet or any other IP network, thereby significantly expanding the communication range and flexibility.

Unlike conventional radio communication, which is often limited by geographical barriers and distance, a Radio Over IP Network Gateway enables long-distance and even global communication. By converting radio signals into digital data packets, these gateways make it possible to transmit voice and data over vast distances without the need for expensive infrastructure or repeaters.

One of the primary benefits of RoIP is its ability to integrate various communication systems into a single and cohesive network. This means that different types of radios, regardless of their frequency band or manufacturer, can communicate seamlessly across an IP network. This interoperability is particularly valuable for sectors such as public safety, emergency services, and large-scale industrial operations, where coordination across different teams and locations is critical.

Additionally, RoIP gateways often come with features like encryption, ensuring secure communications, and remote management capabilities, allowing administrators to monitor and configure the system from anywhere. They also support features like GPS tracking and real-time data transmission, further enhancing operational efficiency.

By leveraging the power and reach of IP networks, a Radio Over IP Network Gateway (Solidtronic) transforms traditional radio communications into a versatile, scalable, and cost-effective solution. This technology not only extends the range of communication but also improves reliability, making it an indispensable tool for modern, dynamic operations that demand constant connectivity and coordination.

Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PTToC) and Radio Over IP Network Gateway (Solidtronic)

Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PTToC) is a modern communication technology that allows individuals to use their cellular devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to communicate over a radio network with just a single button press. 

PTToC is an essential feature of the Radio Over IP Network Gateway, bridging the gap between traditional two-way radio systems and cellular communication devices. This integration means that users can utilize their smartphones, tablets, or other cellular devices to communicate over the radio network, all with the push of a button. 

It not only makes radio communication more accessible to a wider range of devices, but it also extends the reach of communication to anywhere with an internet connection, bypassing the limitations of traditional radio frequency range. Consequently, this technology significantly enhances the flexibility and convenience of communication for businesses and public service organizations, improving their response times and operational efficiency.


Stable Bandwidth 10/100-Base-T Ethernet Connection

End of Transmission Roger Beep Alert for Radio Channel

ADF-2 to support 2-Way Radio Repeater System

Embedded Android 4.0.3 OS

Pre-installed iCallX APP

Support different brands and different type radios

Solidtronic Features

Build-in ARM CPU standalone Radio-over-IP Network Gateway

Install in a second, no IT expert technique is required

PTToC-COS/COR PTT Control Technology

Very easy operation

Radio-COS/COR PTT Control Technology

Very fast and stable PTT exchange performance by Super Dynamic iDats-4 PTT Control Technology

User Manual