Model: GP 700 Y

GP 700 Y

4G Two-Way Radio

Adopt 1.77 inch color screen, bring professional experience to customers, convenient and easy to use, can achieve a wide range of PTT services, to meet customers' ultra-long distance intercom needs.

Specification GP 700 Y




Screen resolution:



Operating system:

Ingress Protection:


GP 700 Y

120x54x37 mm (exclude antenna)

128*160 pixels

1GB + 8GB

330g (include battery, belt clip and antenna)

Android OS




Battery capacity:

Is the battery replaceable:

Working voltage:

Working hours:

Standby duration:

Charging interface:

3600mAh / 4800mAh (optional)



≥24H (3600mAh)
≥30H (4800mAh)


Mirco USB interface

Wireless Communications

North America∶

LTE FD: B2/B4/B5/B7/B12/B13/B25B26 WCDMA: B1/B2/B4/B5/B8 GSM∶850/1900 MHz




Positioning services:


Bluetooth 4.2



USB cable & Power adapter

What is a Two-Way Radio?

A two-way radio, colloquially known as a “walkie-talkie”, is an essential piece of communication equipment capable of both transmission and reception of voice messages. Distinctly different from a standard broadcast receiver, which possesses only receiving capabilities, a two-way radio facilitates bidirectional communication. This enables the operator to engage in interactive dialogue with other devices operating on an identical radio frequency. 

This system of communication is crucial in a plethora of professional contexts, including, but not limited to, emergency services and real-time job coordination on site. It proves instrumental in maintaining seamless connectivity, bolstering efficiency, and ensuring prompt response in critical situations.

What two-way radios are used for?

Two-way radios are utilized extensively across a variety of fields due to their reliable and instantaneous communication capabilities.

  • Industries such as public safety, event management, construction, and hospitality regularly employ these devices for effective coordination and rapid response.
  • Emergency services such as fire, police, and paramedic teams often use two-way radios for immediate communication during critical situations, ensuring seamless operations and quick decision-making.

Thus, these devices prove to be indispensable across numerous professional contexts, enhancing efficiency, safety, and productivity.

How to Operate GP 700 Y 4G Two-Way Radio

  1. Turn on the device: Rotate the on/off volume knob clockwise. The LED indicator lights up, and a sound signals that the GP 700 Y 4G Two-Way Radio is on.
  2. Adjust the volume: Turn the same on/off volume knob until you reach your desired volume level.
  3. Select the channel: Rotate the channel selector knob. The number shown is the channel you’re currently set to communicate on. Ensure all other radios in your group are set to this same channel.
  4. Transmit a message: Press and hold the PTT (Push-To-Talk) button, located on the side of the device. As you hold this button, bring the radio close to your mouth, ensuring to speak clearly. Release the PTT button once you’ve finished speaking, enabling others to respond.
  5. Communicate efficiently: The GP 700 Y 4G Two-Way Radio is a powerful communication tool. For effective usage, keep your messages concise, clear, and straight to the point.


Boundless PTT Service over Multi-Mode 4G Networks

Support 2G/3G/4G carrier networks to achieve wide coverage and high connectivity

Fine External and Structure Design

Pogo-pin earphone interface, large sound cavity, dedicated alarm key and desktop charger for convenient operation.

Rich Functions

Support functions of PMR radios, such as Man Down, stun and kill.


High IP Level

IP68 water & dust resistance, 2M free drop durable, complex and hostile environment.

Superior User Experience

1.77’’ semi-transparent color display screen, simple, natural and friendly UIs bringing you better experience.

Best-in-Class Audio

Loud, clear speech and outstanding overall audio quality even in difficult environments. AI based noise cancellation technologies are leveraged to optimize sonic clarity with a powerful waterproof speaker.