Dispatcher Console

Instant communication - Wide area connectivity

iCallx PTToC solution is a radio communication system based on (3G/4G) mobile networks and Wi-Fi, providing high efficient and reliable critical communication with dispatch features for enterprises, institutions, utilities, transportation, logistics, hotels, malls, industrial parks, factories, air/sea ports within many other industries.

Due to its wide coverage and no infrastructure, it can be rapidly deployed in batches to meet the user needs to improve emergency response speed and work efficiency.


One-click Call

Allows the user to press the PTT key once to call a user-defined contact or group, regardless of the radio’s current state

Multiple Call Types

Supports multiple call types such as group call, individual call, all call and broadcast

Multimedia Messaging

Supports not only PTT voice but also message with text, picture and video

Terminal Management

Remote stun, remote kill, and activation can be made by a supervisor to control radio terminals

Radio Monitoring

Allows the dispatcher to monitor radio terminals when necessary, providing the supervisor a better handle of the worksite situation

More Features

Job ticket, Custom avatar, File push, Online reports


Location-based Services

Allows supervisor to check team members in real-time location, playback track, set up geo-fencing. (Receive automatic alerts when a fence is crossed)

Lone Worker

Allows the supervisor check on radio users to know and help those who work by themselves without close supervision when an accident happens

Log Management

Allows supervisor to check operation logs, location records, alarm records and missed calls. These detailed records keep everything that happens be trackable

Patrol System Integrated

Helps managers to complete the effective supervision and management of patrol personnel and patrol work records

Server Backup Redundancy

Ensures that the main server can switch to the backup server automatically when an unexcepted failure occurs

Dispatcher Console Brochure