Communication Devices
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Devices for Companies

Discover reliable communication devices for companies like the GP 700 Y and M50 3G/4G PoC Mobile Radio, and innovative services such as iCallx’s Global PTToC and Dispatcher Console services.

The internal communication of security personnel in large and medium-sized companies is a sensitive issue that requires the best devices on the market. While a security circuit is important, the business communication devices they use are just as important.

Not all models are suitable for all types of communication, so we have put on stage the best devices and systems (software) we have for business cases.

Importance of secure communication and communication devices in companies

Secure communication is of paramount importance in companies, as it safeguards sensitive information from potential risks and threats. It ensures the privacy and confidentiality of corporate data, which might include trade secrets, strategic plans, or employee information.

An effective secure communication system can protect a company’s reputation, safeguard its competitive edge, and comply with legal and regulatory obligations. It also fosters trust among clients and stakeholders, instilling confidence in the company’s ability to protect their information.

Devices such as security radios provide an additional level of protection, as they use dedicated frequencies and encryption technology to prevent unauthorized interception. In addition, these systems often include features such as caller ID and GPS tracking to further enhance security.

By implementing security systems with radios and closed communication, companies can strengthen the confidentiality of their data, prevent information leaks, and maintain the trust of their customers and stakeholders.

More reliable communication devices

Two-way radios

Two-way radios are an essential tool for a company’s security for several reasons: they provide a constant and reliable line of communication; they allow real-time coordination between security teams or emergency personnel, improving efficiency and response; they are robust and durable, so they can withstand harsh conditions, which is particularly important in industrial or outdoor environments. Two-way radios are one  of the most common communication devices for companies. 

To be specific, we recommend the GP 700 Y. This is a state-of-the-art portable PPToC device that promises efficiency and versatility. It sports a sleek, modern design, boasting a large and vibrant, high-definition touch-screen display. It comes with robust features such as high-speed internet connectivity, superior audio and video capabilities, and extended battery life for uninterrupted use.

Equipped with the latest operating system, the GP700 offers smooth navigation and a user-friendly interface, making it a reliable companion for both professional and personal use.

M50 3G 4G PoC Mobile Radio

The M50 3G/4G is an advanced two-way mobile PTToC device that enables efficient and reliable communication. With a combination of 3G and 4G technology, it offers fast and stable connectivity, ideal for constant communication in security teams or emergency departments.

In addition, it features a long battery life and resistance to harsh conditions, making it perfectly suited for industrial and outdoor environments. The M50 3G/4G is an essential tool for all companies that value security and efficiency in their communication.

Communication Services

Of course, effective and secure communication software is also important when it comes to companies, especially when it concerns logistics, transportation, etc. At iCallx we offer you the following solutions:

Press2Talk Global PTToC Services

The iCallx PoC solution is a radio communication system for communication devices based on mobile (3G/4G) and Wi-Fi networks, providing highly efficient and reliable critical communications with dispatching capabilities for enterprises, institutions, public utilities, and more.

Our system supports different communication devices (not only radios) and provides the clearest and most direct communication that PoC technology can offer.

Dispatcher Console - Instant communication

The iCallx PTToC solution represents a robust radio communication system, tapping into the power of 3G/4G mobile networks and Wi-Fi to facilitate efficient and reliable business-critical communication. It comes equipped with dispatch features tailored for a diverse range of industries including enterprises, institutions, utilities, transportation, logistics, hotels, shopping centers, industrial parks, factories, and air/seaports among others.

Utilizing its expansive coverage and lack of required infrastructure, the iCallx PoC solution can be swiftly implemented in large quantities, catering to user requirements and enhancing emergency response times and overall work productivity.

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