Global PTT Services

iCallx PTToC solution is a radio communication system based on (3G/4G) mobile networks and Wi-Fi, providing high efficient and reliable critical communication with dispatch features for enterprises, institutions, utilities, and more.


High Definition Voice

Picture Video

Public Network Intercom

Map Positioning

Push To Talk

Function Introduction

Wireless Communications

Support Many Voice Coder, HD voice, Individual Call, Group Call, Interrupt and Other Functions

Support Multiple Languages

Support the Transmission of Text, Messages, Pictures and Videos

Support A-GPS Positioning, Uploading, and Checking Member’s Location Function

Support Connecting with Bluetooth Earphone, Bluetooth Hand-Microphone and Other External Devices

Interworking Terminals&System

PTToC Radios

PTToC Mobiles

Smartphone / Tablet

PTToC Dispatching System

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